Introducing ‘Fomi’: Ethiopian designer Afomia Tesfaye’s luxury leather and footwear label.

Birthed in 2011 through the vision of it’s ambitious founder, designer and creator Afomia Tesfaye, FOMI is a collection of luxury handbags and footwear that consists of locally sourced materials and is made in Tesfaye’s homeland of Ethiopia.

Representing the young entrepreneurs foray into the world of design for the very first time, Tesfaye’s interest in design and fashion was cultivated by her travels throughout her childhood as the daughter of a diplomat.

After earning a degree in Literature from UCLA, and with experience at top fashion publications, Tesfaye travelled back to Ethiopia with the intention of developing an accessories line. She soon found out a critical fact that would then propel her to birth FOMI. Ethiopia produces some of the world’s finest quality leather. Armed with this quality assurance, Tesfaye began to work on her first collection and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Reflections S/S 2014

"As we seek perfection we often fail to see that perfection is a mirage in the distortion of imperfections. Humans are as flawed as the pieces of a broken mirror, but in our little pieces of brokenness we are beautiful"

Brand: Améyo 

Designers: Netty Anang and Klekleli Dzidzienyo

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Fall 2014  Ready-to- wear Collection

Brand: Maki Oh

Designer: Maki Osakwe

Osakwe always premises her collections on a story, and this one, she explained, came from her imagining a woman at her mirror, reciting the song lyrics, “Tell me I’m the only one, even if you choke.” As Osakwe went on to say, that vignette presents the question: Is this woman mad or not? And thus the collection toyed with themes of madness and un-madness, love and anti-love, and other states that fluctuate and are a matter of perception.

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